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The glitter jazz shoe of your dreams.

The Dreamy Dancers Jazz Shoe is a huge step up from your basic jazz shoe. This dance shoe really shines with a custom handcrafted design and neoprene stretchable sides for easy on and off transitions from hip hop to the next performance. The non slip sole and slight lift at the heel will elevate any dancer's moves to the next level. 


Dreamy Dancers signature chunky glitter is designed to stay where it belongs, on dance shoes! So your little dancers can dance like no one (or everyone) is watching without leaving a trail of glitter in the dance studio.


All Dreamy Dancers dance shoes are hand made by artisan dance shoe makers with over 90 years of experience. 


All orders are Pre-Sale. Anticipated delivery is 8 weeks from time of order.  


Colors available: Gold, Silver, Bold Pink, Purple, Ballet Pink, Red, Black, Ice Blue, Emerald, Rainbow Unicorn, Starry Night, Mermaid


Sizes available: kid sizes 10-6 which typically fits ages 4 years old to 12 years old. Check out our size chart


Dreamy Dancers Jazz Shoes