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What ‘Handcrafted’ Means to Dreamy Dancers

I’ve shared a lot about how our Dreamy Dancers are made, thanks to the delicate handiwork of the esteemed dance shoe makers Freed of London. I want to explore what ‘handcrafted’ really means to me, especially in the day and age of on-demand, mass-produced products.

In a culture of automations and algorithms, shopping small is a movement which incorporates the value of slowing down and sustainable products. It is so important that Dreamy Dancers shoes are designed with longevity in mind. They are meant to be passed down to younger siblings, donated to non-profit dance groups, or handed down to friends and family. Dreamy Dancers last because they are made that way! Our dance shoes are strong enough to withstand pounding of many little feet on a dance room floor.

No machines are used in creating each pair of Dreamy Dancers shoes. Dreamy Dancers were first created on a paper pattern, which the Freed of London expert makers hand-traced onto the shoe leather. Then, they hand-cut each piece, which is comprised of the tops, sole, and sides of the shoe, and sewed them — once again, by hand! — together, adding a felt backing for the inside of the shoe to promote the ultimate level of comfort for your little dancer.

Next, a sewing machine — specifically designed to create tough stitches — is used to ensure the shoe withstands the extra wear-and-tear that all dance shoes encounter. After this step, the shoes are given the opportunity to settle in for a few days, at which point the special touches are added, including jazz shoe heels, taps and tap heels (which are hand-screwed into the shoes!), or the full-leather ballet sole (which is hand-stitched, as well as the accompanying elastic pieces).

The best part is saved for last: The Chunky Glitter! Dreamy Dancers shoes occupy their own little creation corner at the Freed of London shop that ensures our signature chunky glitter is not inadvertently mixed in with the precious satins and silks of the professional ballet pointe shoes that Freed is renowned for. Dreamy Dancers even has its own specialized team that pioneered the glitter application technique! These makers are passionate about Dreamy Dancers and they find a special joy in making our shoes for little dancers.

Handcrafted takes time, but it’s worth it. I’ve never heard a little Dreamy Dancer complain about pinched feet or loose fit. Dreamy Dancers are committed to producing high-quality dance shoes specifically for young dancers, while simultaneously supporting the creative makers and their communities.

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