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Safe Makeup Brands for Little Faces

Some first-time dance moms balk at the thought of putting makeup on the faces of their little girls. “Why do they have to wear makeup anyway, isn’t it about the dancing?” — that’s a typical question I hear at the dance studio.

The reality is that, especially in competitions, having the little dancer’s face stand out is actually really important to the judges. When not in competition, wearing makeup in a performance allows the audience to see their girl in the glare from the harsh lights.

With that being said, it is really important to me that I don’t put makeup filled with junk on my daughter’s face — let’s save that pure skin! Here is what I look out for when purchasing dance recital/competition makeup.

Make Sure it’s Safe

Like all of us moms, we don’t want to cake on unnecessary ingredients to clog pores or irritate a child’s sensitive skin. Here’s my list of “must haves” when looking at makeup brands:

Dermatologist approved — This is a big one for me. When a makeup brand has this stamp of approval on it, I know that it won’t be irritating to my daughter’s skin.

Made in the USA — You really have no idea what is in a product you buy online. Be sure the brand you choose is made in the USA because there are stricter standards and regulations on the ingredients found in makeup. Remember this FDA announcement from earlier this year?

Consider allergies — If your child suffers from allergies, be sure to check the label of the makeup! If there’s nut allergies, many makeup brands contain gluten, almond oil, or coconut oil, which could cause a reaction.

No animal testing — I never buy products, for myself or anyone in my family, that could be tested on animals. If that’s an important aspect for you, be sure to research the makeup company to see if they carry a ‘cruelty-free’ label.

Paraben and phthalate free — In my quest to be as ‘all natural’ as possible, I always check makeup labels to be sure they’re free from parabens and phthalates.

Consult your pediatrician — If you’re at all concerned about ingredients or application of makeup (particularly in the eye area), don’t hesitate to consult your pediatrician before applying!

So, after lots of research, I landed on the brands Petite N Pretty and Klee Naturals Mineral Makeup. The best part is that both brands specifically formulated their makeup and applicators for kids!!! I can rest assured that my makeup-loving daughter is putting the best of the best on her face.

Pro Tip to Get Your Daughter Involved

If your daughter is like mine, she’s makeup-obsessed! We have a lot of conversations about not needing makeup in everyday life, that it’s a fun thing for grown-ups to play with, and that she’s beautiful no matter what. But the allure of painting your face is too much for my little one (I mean, makeup is fun!).

Before a recital, I give her the brush and let her apply a light-colored pearl eyeshadow as a base coat. This lets her play and feel grown up, and using a light shade means that she can’t apply too much and look like a makeup experiment gone bad! Recital makeup time is also great for me as a mom — it gives me the opportunity to say “YES!” to makeup, for once.

My daughter is a really creative kiddo, so expressing herself through costumes and makeup is part of what gives her joy. Now, I can feel safe giving her that space knowing that the makeup she applies won’t damage her skin.

What are some of your makeup rules or must-haves?

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