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Our Story

 Welcome to the Fancy Glittery World of Dreamy Dancers


Founder Bio


Brooke Gutierrez is the Founder of Dreamy Dancers. She has two sons and a super fancy daughter who loves to dance. Seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes has opened Brooke’s world to welcome creativity, glitter and the joy of dance. Leaning on her career skills and expertise in management of complex organizational systems has allowed her to create the structure of the business that became Dreamy Dancers.


Brooke holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from Southern New Hampshire University.  When she isn’t day dreaming of glittery dance shoes or running after her kids, she likes to listen to podcasts and drinks matcha green tea lattes.



Company Overview


Dreamy Dancers is a trendsetting dance shoe brand mixing handcrafted traditional dance shoes with the glam and spunk of the California lifestyle. The company was founded in 2018 by Brooke Gutierrez with the mission of making dancers feel unique and fancy. 


The idea for Dreamy Dancers was born when Brooke was searching online for ‘glitter dance shoes’ for her daughter, a fancy girl who loves to dance and perform. It quickly became apparent that there was a huge void in the dance shoe market for fancy dance shoes, so Brooke decided to take an adventurous leap into dance, fashion and glitter and custom-made a pair of sequin tap shoes for her daughter. Next thing she knew, all the girls in her daughter’s dance class were begging for a pair, which led to the creation of Dreamy Dancers.  




Dreamy Dancers was founded with the mission to make dancers feel unique and fancy.