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Be Ready for the Worse-Case Scenario

Another, more common, worse-case scenario is simply just the tension of traveling for a high-stakes dance competition. The dancers are excited, but tired, stressed, and experiencing a range of powerful little girl emotions. These feelings definitely impact the dancer’s confidence and focus, which just takes the fun out of the experience. 

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Inspiration Corner: Boy Dancers Take the Stage!

It’s not often that you see a boy in a dance class, especially as the little dancers become big dancers! I’ve noticed that there’s always a couple of boys in the preschool level classes, but by the time they reach eight years old, having a boy be a part of the competitive dance team is rare. 

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Bringing Mom Backstage - How to Support Without Getting in the Way!

#3: Have Your Stuff Together. While you may be permanently frazzled and running 10 minutes behind in every aspect of your life (aren’t we all?!), participating in dance recitals earns you a PhD in time management and planning. Don’t be that mom who forgets the shoes or tights or hair accessory. Please, just don’t. Don’t be the mom whose child is not ready 10 minutes before show time. When you sign up for dance and agree to a recital or competition, you are playing by the teacher’s rules. Be a team player!

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Sweat Management: Handling the Heat at Recitals

In our dance bag, I always bring an extra pair of tights and another under-leotard — especially if she’s in multiple dances. This keeps her feeling fresh and we all know it’s never good to sit in sweat-soaked clothing. I change these items when it’s time for a costume change to keep the energy flowing!

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