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Make the Most of Competition Weekend

Amidst all the stress and nervousness that a dance competition weekend brings, don’t forget to take some time to have fun! Typically, our entire household packs up and attends competitions to support Alessandra and her dance team. As a family, we gather with pride to watch her dance her little heart out on stage! Getting a child to a dance competition is truly a family effort: from driving to and from the dance studio, to encouraging practice time at home, to washing those dance tights very carefully, it feels like we’re ALL on stage when she is.

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Coping with Competition Noise

Dance competitions can be a total sensory overload! Crowds of people, flashy costumes . . . and the NOISE. Giggling girls, the low hum of the crowd, dance teachers shouting over the din, not to mention the booming music. It’s enough to put the most centered person into a tailspin!

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Why Is This Costume So Itchy?!

All in all, make the most of an itchy costume and keep on reminding your little dancer that it’s only temporary; at most, she’ll be in the costume for an hour or so before diving back into her comfy warm-up clothes or pjs!

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Competition Preparation: Judges Are Not Scary!

Help Her Understand Judges Want Her to Do Well. Judges aren’t mean, they are people just like us! Their whole purpose is to provide feedback to make our daughters better dancers. This can fire her competitive streak while also assuaging her fears about being judged for her performance. Constructive feedback is something that she’ll experience at every stage in life; you can even liken it to getting a report card from their teacher!

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