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Little Dancer’s Confidence Kit: Stuffed Animals - A Cuddly Friend to Ease Fear

But most of all — Never. EVER. Choose the stuffie you will take to the competition or recital! I heard from one of my dance mom friends that she learned this lesson the hard way! She packed up Snuggly Bear for her daughter when her daughter wanted Crystal Unicorn. Boy oh boy, did that plan backfire! Instead of providing a sense of security and comfort, she inadvertently caused more stress for her little one on dance day. 

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The Perfect Bun

Once the hair is in the bun shape, continue sticking in bobby pins to anchor the style. Really, there’s no limit to the amount of bobby pins you can use! 

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A Peek at Our Exquisite Details

Then come the custom touches that our customers have come to know and appreciate. Heat-sealed ribbon ensures that there is no fraying, and the sewn-in ballet shoe elastics create a soft hug around the foot. These are the final steps in the creation of Dreamy Dancers before they are carefully packaged and shipped to the Freed of London headquarters in New York.

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Inspiration Corner - Black Dancers

Knowing how deeply committed Freed of London is to inclusivity and diversity in dance is what makes me proud to be partnered with them to make Dreamy Dancers shoes. This company clearly understands the needs of different types of dancers — from developing inclusive pointe shoe colors to piling on the unshakeable glitter that Dreamy Dancers is known for (and that little girls are in love with!). 

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Little Dancer’s Confidence Kit: Stage Area Dry Run!

Bring Supplies Many little kids are attached to stuffed animals or blankies — they provide some much-needed security during stressful times! Be sure to pack your dancer’s favorites . . . along with snacks and tablets to keep her occupied during long stretches of waiting. 

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