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I’m an Inspired Creator

I got my first taste of creative making as a child. My mom lovingly and painstakingly sewed beloved outfits for my siblings and I when we were young. Watching her made me realize the power of my own imagination — if you can dream it (and if you have a healthy dose of innate creative abilities), you can make it.

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So, This is Your First Recital: Potty Breaks!

Now that you have a bathroom break schedule, emergencies do happen! Whenever that’s the case, just go with the flow (no pun intended). Running to the bathroom and taking care of business always takes precedence to being uncomfortable, or worse, having an accident on stage. Stay calm and don’t let your daughter see your stress. I promise she won’t be the only one with a need-now bathroom situation!

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So, This is Your First Competition: Keeping the Energy Alive

Stick to a Routine. Your little dancer may have trouble sleeping the night before a performance — totally normal! However, do your best to keep a routine down. If your competition is at a hotel, it’s tempting to hang out at the pool for long hours. But resist the urge to do so until AFTER the competition. Having her emit a similar amount of energy as a normal day will help neutralize her boredom and over-excitement on dance day.

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So, This is Your First Recital: Final Bows

Yet, we can’t lose sight of the impact that getting up on stage has on our little dancers. You know that quiet slice of pie or glass of wine you enjoy when the holiday party is over and your work is finally done? That’s what the final bow is going to be like for your little dancer. 

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