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Dreamy Dancers: Our Vision

This fills me with so much pride — my lightbulb moment is turning into a sustainable business! Dreamy Dancers fulfills an important style niche for young dancers. Supporting our girls’ style choices is really important; Dreamy Dancers gives our dancers the power to choose an article of clothing that makes them feel both strong and pretty. Our little performers have big personalities, and Dreamy Dancers is committed to supporting dancers on stage and in the studio with the “big personality” of our customized chunky glitter.

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So, This is Your First Recital

Now that we’re seasoned dance performance pros (or, just good at correcting our past mistakes!), we know to pick up a small bouquet the night before the recital. Leave them in your refrigerator so they stay fresh, and bring them with you to the recital. The best part — if you forget (it’s going to happen!) they’ll still be there waiting for you in the fridge when you get home. I promise you; your daughter will NOT be scarred for life if you forget!  

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Inspiration Corner: Aging Gracefully in Dance

Take Suzelle Poole. At nearly 80 years old, London-born Suzelle is still putting on her pointe shoes. She currently teaches dance at Royale Ballet Dance Academy in Dallas, Texas and states that ballet makes her feel better. Watch this video of Suzelle dancing beautifully and just as gracefully as she did in her early professional career.

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Meet the Makers

Today, Freed of London makes dance shoes, fashion collections, and bridal collections — all by hand. In a consumer market driven by mass produced cheap fashion, this company has demonstrated its commitment to staying true to the art of making high-quality, sought-after dance shoes by hand.

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