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Dressing Up Your Little Princess Everyday

For some little girls, dressing up like a princess isn’t for make-believe time — it’s a lifestyle! Knowing how hard kids can be on their dress-up clothes, I was thrilled when I found these princess dresses. They are so durable that they can be worn again and again without tearing or pilling. Plus, the ultra-sophisticated designs and textiles ramp up the fancy-factor; these gowns can be worn for Disney-inspired parties and outings, birthday parties, Halloween, and — why not — a trip to the grocery store.  A Non-Scary Halloween Vibe I love Halloween; it gives me the opportunity to be someone else for a day! Although I love my role as mom, wife, entrepreneur, and glitter dance shoe aficionado, I...

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Spooky Glam for an Unconventional Halloween

  The year of 2020 — what a minefield. So far, we’ve managed to stay healthy (and I hope you did, too!), but the anxiety and sadness over COVID-19, virtual school, and canceling big family vacations and parties is taking its toll. If your little dancer is like mine, she isn’t super concerned about virtual learning or wearing a mask when we venture out — it’s becoming normal and she’s demonstrating a high level of resilience to all of these life changes. She is, however, constantly asking about our Halloween plans. This year, we learned that we shouldn’t make plans too far in advance as the pandemic ebbs and flows through our communities. I think it’s safe to say that...

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Dreamy Dancers Shoes: Getting the Perfect Fit

Grab a pen and make a mark where her longest toe lands. Next, be sure to measure the opposite foot as well! It’s incredibly common for kids to have feet of two different sizes. Be sure to purchase the pair of shoes that matches the biggest foot.

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Dreamy Dancers: Our Vision

This fills me with so much pride — my lightbulb moment is turning into a sustainable business! Dreamy Dancers fulfills an important style niche for young dancers. Supporting our girls’ style choices is really important; Dreamy Dancers gives our dancers the power to choose an article of clothing that makes them feel both strong and pretty. Our little performers have big personalities, and Dreamy Dancers is committed to supporting dancers on stage and in the studio with the “big personality” of our customized chunky glitter.

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