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Spooky Glam for an Unconventional Halloween


The year of 2020 — what a minefield. So far, we’ve managed to stay healthy (and I hope you did, too!), but the anxiety and sadness over COVID-19, virtual school, and canceling big family vacations and parties is taking its toll.

If your little dancer is like mine, she isn’t super concerned about virtual learning or wearing a mask when we venture out — it’s becoming normal and she’s demonstrating a high level of resilience to all of these life changes. She is, however, constantly asking about our Halloween plans. This year, we learned that we shouldn’t make plans too far in advance as the pandemic ebbs and flows through our communities. I think it’s safe to say that no one knows what Halloween 2020 will look like. Which is why we must plan some out-of-the-box spooky celebrations to keep the fun scares in place in the event that trick-or-treating is canceled.

Halloween Won’t Be Cancelled — It’ll Just Look Different 

Really, there’s no escaping pumpkin spice, a crisp chill in the air, and goosebumps from a good scary tale. Decorate your front lawn with zombies and skeletons to keep the vibe alive and place a huge curbside pick-up order of all your favorite Halloween candy. The weekend before Halloween, gather the kiddos around the dining room table (after they’ve washed their hands thoroughly!) and assemble Halloween Treat Bags for all of your neighbors. Put on your masks and Halloween costumes and surprise everyone on your block with a reverse trick-or-treat event! 

While we’re thinking out of the box, don’t ruin the surprise of showcasing your daughter’s carefully curated Halloween costume before the big day during reverse trick-or-treating! I am in love with these high-glam Halloween ball gowns that come in black, purple, or red. Each style is unique and brandishes a cute yet eerie pattern of ghosts, haunted houses, bats, and pumpkins. They’re perfect for turning a socially-distanced event into something truly spooktacular! Add a witch’s hat, Mickey Mouse ears, devil horns, cat ears — the accessory possibilities are limitless — to really amp up the fancy factor. Go all-out glam with glittery eyeshadow and red lipstick to really let your little one experience a total disguise for the night.

Alternative Halloween for Glamorous Girls

Since all Disney die-hards are lamenting the cancellation of the park’s superb Halloween event, our Halloween ball gown (which ships for FREE!) can fill some of that void as you celebrate at home. Nothing can truly replace good old-fashioned trick-or-treating and nighttime parties, but let’s look on the bright side: We could be making new and exciting traditions that will last for years to come! With all we’ve been through in 2020, I say feel free to celebrate Halloween all throughout October — and look amazing while you do it.

Where will your daughter wear her fancy Halloween dress? Let me know and share a snap on social media!