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So, This is Your First Recital: Final Bows

Recital week is . . . well, crazy. Final dress rehearsals, last-minute adjustments to costumes, hair and make-up trials, buying flowers — it’s a frenzy of activity that rests outside of the actual dancing itself. It’s quite similar to preparing for the holidays: lots of stress that ends in a grand event!

Yet, we can’t lose sight of the impact that getting up on stage has on our little dancers. You know that quiet slice of pie or glass of wine you enjoy when the holiday party is over and your work is finally done? That’s what the final bow is going to be like for your little dancer. 

The stage fright that may accompany her routine is gone; she no longer has to fret about smearing her makeup or tousling her hair; and she can breathe a sigh of relief that the hard part is over. THIS, this feeling is what she works so hard for. 

When our little dancers enter the stage for the final bow after months of preparation, sit back and take in the huge grin on her face. Watch as the spotlight flickers across her costume (and, of course, her Dreamy Dancers) and catches the sparkle in her eye. Grab a tissue as you notice she’s looking for YOU in the crowd! And wave and cheer your heart out. 

But, of course, sometimes your little dancer will just not want to go back out on stage — and that’s ok! If your daughter is one who needs some space and relaxation, go with that flow as well. I recommend staying in the building, but take her to a quiet space and let her know how proud you are of her and how beautiful her performance was. 

No matter where she takes her final bow, know that it’ll be one she remembers.