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Small Business Success: What I Learned About Running a Business

Since Dreamy Dancers launched, I have put everything I have into this glittery small business. Truth be told, being an entrepreneur is not easy, and there have been plenty of long nights and even more moments of self-doubt. Who will buy these shoes? What was I thinking trying to keep it going in a global pandemic? What if no one likes what I painstakingly created?

I bet all other small business owners reading this blog are nodding along “YES!” right now. 

Despite all the worries, creating this sparkly brand has been a highlight of my life. And I recognize that all the self-doubt and feelings of “imposter syndrome” are totally normal and something I can work to overcome. I really put my heart and soul into the design of these shoes — and even better is having Freed of London as my manufacturer! That’s just a dance mom dream come true.

Small Business Insight

In 2020, I launched Dreamy Dancers jazz and tap shoes on Amazon. This has been a whirlwind of activity and my primary focus for my brand this past year. My goal was simple: Sell out of my Amazon inventory to see if there’s a market for Dreamy Dancers on the expansive site. I was so glad to see the numbers after the holidays; it went really well for us! I recognize that this was not an easy thing to accomplish and I give myself the power to be really proud of it!

Now the truth — what does “went really well” mean exactly? Maybe not what you’d think. For small businesses on Amazon, the goal for the first few years is to *almost* break even when taking into account the Amazon advertising budget and sales. While it may not seem like it, this is actually considered a success. While I’m thrilled that those in-the-know are confident in the Dreamy Dancers brand, I admit it’s disheartening to see all my energy, effort, and creativity going into something that doesn’t make money (yet).

Even my tax guy is perplexed about why I would continue to pursue a business that doesn’t make money!! 

What drives me is the knowledge that I did this well during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Dreamy Dancers at its heart were designed to be a performance dance shoe. In case you haven’t noticed, there haven’t been many performances happening these days. Along with everyone else in the dance, art, and entertainment world, we are planning on getting back to full steam in 2022.

This year, I want to up my packaging game. You know when you buy something from Etsy and the crafter takes so much care and time to package the item beautifully? I feel like Dreamy Dancers shoes deserve this same treatment! 

By 2022, my goal is to build up enough working capital to continue making more dance shoes and selling them on both Amazon and my Dreamy Dancers website. Stay tuned for a website inventory refresh! I can’t wait to show you what we have in store in 2021. As always, thanks for being such a loyal supporter — nothing can be accomplished without you!