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My Quest for the Perfect Chunky Glitter

Want to make a mom scared? Say the word ‘glitter’.

We all fear glitter and its uncanny ability to burrow itself into every crevice in our home for years to come. Yet, we’re all drawn to glitter on some level, right? (I know it can’t just be me!) Glitter takes us back to a simpler time, when we weren’t the ones in charge of ensuring it’s all cleaned up. Glitter is sparkly and colorful and just plain gorgeous. I think it certainly has a place in our lives.

When I came up with the idea of Dreamy Dancers glitter dance shoes, I did recognize the paradox. What dance studio would want glitter all over the dance floor? What parent would want to pick it out of a dance bag, car seat, or plush carpeted bedroom?

I knew there had to be a way to create a delightfully glittering dance shoe without the fallout. And. I. Found. It. Thanks to our maker, the legendary Freed of London, we developed a way to attach the glitter to the shoe without leaving a sparkly trail. This delighted me, and my customers, to no end!

Even more awe-inspiring is the fact that Dreamy Dancers shoes occupy their own little creation corner at the Freed of London shop that ensure our signature chunky glitter is not inadvertently mixed in with the precious satins and silks of the professional ballet pointe shoes that Freed is renowned for. We even have our own specialized team that pioneered the glitter application technique! These makers are passionate about Dreamy Dancers and they find a special joy in making our shoes for little dancers.

I wanted to ensure that we didn’t sacrifice good looks for comfort; after all, our kids’ feet need all the support they can get after hours in the studio. I worked tirelessly with the Freed of London team to find the perfect chunky glitter that was glittery enough for the stage, but still pliable enough for the makers to craft into dance shoes.

Dreamy Dancers fulfills an important style niche for young dancers. Supporting our girls’ style choices is really important; Dreamy Dancers gives our dancers the power to choose an article of clothing that makes them feel both strong and pretty. Our little performers have big personalities, and Dreamy Dancers is committed to supporting dancers on stage and in the studio with the “big personality” of our customized chunky glitter.

Glitter really enhances the intensive foot movements of tap. Our handcrafted tap shoes feature Freed of London Super Sonic taps and anti-slip grip, which keeps them from slipping on dance floor surfaces but still allows for a great tapping movement. They are available in Ice Blue, Ballet Pink, Purple, and Red — and they’re now available on Amazon!

Dreamy Dancers customers are the absolute best; hear what they have to say about our sparkly chunky glitter:

“My daughter’s love these glitter dance shoes AND the glitter really does stay on!” @Gothamlove

“My daughter loves her Dreamy Dancers tap shoes. She keeps telling her dance friends about her sparkly tap shoes!” @arabellaolivia