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Meet the Makers

I’ve written before about my joy at partnering with Freed of London, the iconic pointe shoe maker based in the United Kingdom. They even have a dedicated “Glitter Corner” where Dreamy Dancers are hand-cut and assembled! This company dates back to 1929 when London cobbler Frederick Freed  and his wife dreamed of meeting the needs of London ballerinas by creating dance shoes that were specific to the individual dancer’s needs. The company stands by this philosophy to this day — and even built its flagship store on the site where Frederick began his business all those decades ago.

Today, Freed of London makes dance shoes, fashion collections, and bridal collections — all by hand. In a consumer market driven by mass produced cheap fashion, this company has demonstrated its commitment to staying true to the art of making high-quality, sought-after dance shoes by hand.

Watch this video to see all of the hard work that goes into making  Freed of London pointe shoe!

Now that you’ve seen the video of how the pointe shoes are made, can you believe that they make nearly 250,000 Classic Pointe Shoes each year using that method?! Not only that, but two-thirds of the Classic Pointe Shoes are specially ordered to an individual dancer’s precise specifications — which Freed of London says must be accurate within 3 mm. Freed of London did automate some processes in 1996, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. This demonstrates their commitment to production that bolsters their superior reputation for excellence in the dance world.

It’s amazing to me that these precise makers are making Dreamy Dancers for our little ones. What will be remarkable to see is our girls growing up along with the line of shoes offered by Freed of London. Who knows — how many girls who started with Dreamy Dancers will one day require pointe shoes made to their individual specifications?