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Make New Halloween Traditions in Scary Times

Halloween is extra scary in 2020 as we’re still trying to navigate a pandemic. As of this moment (since guidelines seems to change every day!) the Centers for Disease Control is advising against trick-or-treating, indoor haunted houses, hayrides outside of your community, and even the popular trunk-or-treat events due to the potential risk of contracting COVID-19. As towns and cities across the country begin to make local trick-or-treating decisions, parents are brainstorming ways to celebrate this spooky season safely.

Halloween Ideas for 2020

Perhaps you’ve seen the candy chute designed by one dad who wanted to keep himself and the trick-or-treating kiddos safe — it, and other similar design ideas, have quickly gone viral on social media. I’ve also seen an example of a family that taped a small bag of M&Ms to a stake in the ground so kids can help themselves as they pass by. All of these ideas are the out-of-the-box way of thinking that many people around the world have excelled at since the pandemic started!

We decided to go the “Easter egg” route for our Halloween fun. Similar to an Easter egg hunt, we’re hiding candy all over the house and yard for the kids to find! To avoid leaving even a single Snickers bar behind, we’re turning it into a scavenger hunt to help the kids find various caches of hidden candy. It’ll take some time to craft a little map and hide all the goodies, but I figure it’ll be worth it to give the kids something to look forward to.

Make it a Month of Movies

The best part of this unconventional Halloween season is that there’s no limit to the fun! We’re making a list of must-see scary movies (well, as scary as my littles can handle!) and checking them off as we host our own movie theater in the family room. Some of our favorite Halloween movies for kids include “Spooky Buddies”, “Goosebumps” and any episode of “Scooby-Doo”!

Since our family looks for any reason to dress up in fancy clothes or Halloween costumes, we highly encourage you to do the same to keep it festive. My daughter is choosing the Halloween Ball Gown (now available in orange, midnight, and blue!) because she loves to get glam for our movie nights! These gowns are so durable and adorable and can be dressed up for a socially distanced Halloween party or even worn with witch-y makeup for the actual big day!

Don’t Forget to Bake Halloween Goodies

If your household enjoys baking, Halloween is a great time to stir up creativity in the kitchen. I love to get the kids involved to make Bat Oreos, which are so easy for them to do. We’ve made mummy hot dogs in the past (which are basically pigs in a blanket), and Frankenstein pudding (simply add some green food coloring to vanilla pudding and decorate the outside of the cup with a scary face!). These sweet treats are the perfect complement to our movie nights as well.

What are your new Halloween traditions this year?