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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girls! Amazon and Dreamy Dancers Can Deliver on Time!

Have you been obsessively tracking your online packages??! I think we’ve all been aware of the shipping issues plaguing the country right now. Things we ordered weeks ago are still. sitting. in. a. warehouse. somewhere. At this point, it feels like it’d be easier to drive across the country to get my package than it is to wait for it to show up on my doorstep!


Despite all of that, you may be in a position to have to find fast replacements to ensure Christmas morning is as magical as you planned. Then of course we’re dealing with Covid and the inability to simply and safely pop into our local shops to gather last-minute gifts. Bah humbug!


First of all, I recommend supporting small businesses first — always. Find your local shops and contact them to see what their shopping hours are (many might be abbreviated due to Covid restrictions). If your community is under a stay-at-home order, I guarantee your local small business owners will bend over backwards to help find great gifts without stepping foot in their store — they will likely also offer curbside pick-up or even deliver right to your home!


As a small business owner myself, I know how tough it’s been to connect with customers. We can’t have events or pop-up shops or any of the other fun, community-building activities that we would have had in the pre-Covid days. Remember that? How fun Christmas shopping was? When you could linger in a store, sipping a gingerbread spice latte, and browsing with your best girlfriends? Wow, do I miss those days!


Instead, we’re glued to our computers as a substitute for yet another daily activity. But . . . on the flipside, many small businesses, like Dreamy Dancers, offer their goods on Amazon in order to expedite the shipping process and get much-needed browsing boosts from Amazon customers. Dreamy Dancers tap and jazz shoes are available on Amazon, and the order will arrive before Christmas! Win-win for the perfect fancy, glittery, supportive dance shoe for your little girl.


Now, I have to brag for a moment: I’m thrilled to announce that Dreamy Dancers has been rated the “#1 New Release in Girls’ Dance Shoes” on Amazon! I thank you again for all of your support. 


I’d love to hear from you and feature your little dancer in her Dreamy Dancers on our social media pages! Snap a pic and let me know how much your kiddo loves the shoes and some of your best last-minute Christmas shopping tips!