I’m Thankful for You!

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life is taking the leap to entrepreneur. I’ve always been curious and driven, but it’s still just so amazing to me that my career went down this path. Dreamy Dancers was born out of my frustration at a lack of glitter dance shoe that were both stylish and functional. I still can’t believe that I took it upon myself to create exactly what I wanted — and with the partnership of the iconic Freed of London on top of that! I keep pinching myself.

I’m thrilled that I solved a dance fashion problem; but, I’m even more proud of all of you who have walked this journey with me! From my family to my friends to my fellow dance moms who I have relied upon for EVERY.THING. dance related — the love and support they’ve all given me has been second to none. 

Despite feeling some rays of sunshine now, designing glitter dance shoes and launching a business has not been easy. Like many entrepreneurs, there were moments when I thought about just letting it all go. It was really hard at times! 

The one thing that consistently gets me through each and every day is thinking about the dancers who wear Dreamy Dancers and love them so much. These shoes are really special; they make little girls dream big and feel fancy, which ultimately boosts their confidence on and off the stage. Every little dancer deserves to feel this confidence when she’s dancing, and I’m so touched that my shoes have a part in that feeling. 

I’m also so thankful to all of my customers. Those of you who were with me early on are especially near and dear to my heart! You allowed your little dancers to try out the Dreamy Dancers prototypes and provided me with invaluable feedback to improve the design. This group waited months for their first pair to be delivered, and I’m so grateful for their patience. 

As much as people lament about social media, I have to say that my Instagram family has been instrumental in helping me succeed at the helm of Dreamy Dancers. To my followers and dancers on Instagram: Thank you for your willingness to share Dreamy Dancers with your followers! The photos you share of your littles in their favorite pair of glitter dance shoes makes me smile. Above that, letting me know how much your kids love the shoes really keeps me going.

We’re all aware that 2020 was a weird year. For me, it’ll also go down as the year that my business got off the ground amidst a global pandemic. I went from selling Dreamy Dancers online, to an Etsy shop, and now to Amazon. AMAZON! Dreamy Dancers tap shoes and jazz shoes are now available with free shipping on Amazon. 

Once again, thank YOU for your support and love for my big dream. I hope Dreamy Dancers makes your little one dream big, too!