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I’m an Inspired Creator

I got my first taste of creative making as a child. My mom lovingly and painstakingly sewed beloved outfits for my siblings and I when we were young. Watching her made me realize the power of my own imagination — if you can dream it (and if you have a healthy dose of innate creative abilities), you can make it.


I felt a special kinship to my mom when I first got the idea for Dreamy Dancers and started thinking of ways to create customized dance shoes that would make any little dancer squeal with glee! I’m so inspired by giving dancers creative shoe costuming options that reflect their individual spirit. 


Aside from that primal joy, I am equally inspired by the ‘shop small’ movement sweeping big cities and small towns across the country. Especially when it comes to the intensely intricate craft of shoemaking and my amazing vendor partner, Freed of London. I’m in awe of Freed’s legacy and 90 years of craftsmanship that represents an artisanal approach to how we make clothes and shoes.


When I first began searching for a vendor partner to carry out my vision of Dreamy Dancers glitter shoes, I interviewed dozens. It was so important to me to find a maker that was dedicated to perfecting a purposeful dance shoe while also expertly crafting the chunky glitter fabric that makes Dreamy Dancers what they are! I also knew that I sought a maker with intense attention to detail — like heat-sealed ribbons to prevent fraying.


I’ll be honest: some days during this quest were hard. I felt like giving up because I could not find a maker with the ability to meet my exacting standards. 


Then . . . 


Freed of London replied to my initial request — and they were prepared to put in the work with me to make Dreamy Dancers. We worked tirelessly together to find the perfect chunky glitter fabric that was glittery enough for the stage, but still pliable enough for the Freed makers to craft into dance shoes. 


My inspiring dancer daughter (and a few of her lucky friends) got to test out the dance shoes and they danced their hearts out to help me find the perfect shoe. After much back and forth, we found the best shoe that fits the unique features of little dancers’ feet — like adjustable elastics in the ballet slippers, neoprene stretchable sides in the jazz shoes, and anti-slip grips in the tap shoes.


Next up for Dreamy Dancers: a Couture Collection! Stay tuned for news on this exquisite line, set to be out next year. It’s inspired by my love of being outdoors, which lends itself to some amazing colors — and really fun color names!