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I’ll Stay Home for Christmas

As we witness the rise of COVID-19 cases in our communities, many families are realizing that the holidays are going to look a lot different this year. While we may end up Zooming with our cousins while gathering with only our closest relatives, the name of the Christmas game in 2020 will be cozy comfort.

Let Go of Expectations

This year has been so difficult for many reasons. We’re worried about our health and the health of our relatives, but we’re also allowed to mourn missing out on all of our favorite traditions. That’s ok, that’s healthy, and one person’s “tough time” should never be compared to anyone else’s. We’re all battling different levels of fear, anxiety, and worries. 

That’s why I’m approaching this holiday season as a time when we can let it all go. Want to put up your Christmas tree tomorrow? Go for it. Don’t have the capacity to cook a big holiday meal for just your spouse and kids? Then make mac ‘n cheese from a box. As moms, we often put high expectations on our shoulders to make the holidays as sparkly and glittery as we can. But let’s be honest: This year is different. 

Go Cozy, Not Scratchy

While I’m tempted to just let the family kick around in pajamas all Christmas Day, I do want to keep up the tradition of a pretty Christmas dress. These soft long-sleeve dresses are a great compromise between comfort and style to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Obviously, I love glitter and glam — that is literally in my business plan for Dreamy Dancers shoes. But when I began curating our collection of Christmas dresses this year, it occurred to me that fancy, scratchy tulle might not be on everyone’s priority list for their little girls this year.

I found the most amazing dresses that are just as festive and fun as a traditional Christmas dress — but without the discomfort that our littles often complain about! They come in seven adorably comfy styles that are perfect for visiting Santa, baking with Grandma, or lounging on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and some warm Christmas cookies! Plus, at $37 you can get a couple to rotate through. 

There are so many fun options in a variety of color combos to make your little girl stand out in family Christmas photos. 

Keep it Fun This Christmas

As we embark on this holiday season, let’s keep in mind that there is no “right way” to celebrate. If there’s one thing this pandemic has shown us, it’s that we have to be flexible and develop new traditions since the old ones could lead to too much potential exposure. Be gentle with yourself, mama, you’re doing great!