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Dreamy Dancers Shoes: Choosing Glitter Color Names

If you didn’t already notice, I love my job as creator of Dreamy Dancers shoes. The most fun I will ever have is brainstorming glitter color names.

Not only is brainstorming these names a creative outlet for me, but it’s also a great way to get my young daughter, her friends, and my mom involved!

I start by looking at current trends; anyone with a little girl knows that rainbows, unicorns, and mermaids are so hot right now. The bottom line is that the glitter color name must make me smile and get that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling inside — my ultimate goal is to make everyone feel happy when they tie on a pair of Dreamy Dancers in their favorite sparkly color.

Glitter Colors Complement Costume Trends

My limited-edition couture line is out now, and they boast exclusive glitter colors that are only available twice a year. Available in jazz, tap, ballet, and dancer off-duty styles, this year’s colors are:

Rainbow Unicorn


Starry Night

I did a lot of research in dance costume catalogues to get a sense for what colors and themes are popular this year. Then, I make sure to offer a glitter color that will match, enhance, or complement the costume colors. 

Starry Night has a black background flecked with purple, blue, green, gold, and silver — clearly celestially-inspired! I was driven to create this glitter color because of my mom’s love of watching the stars while camping.

Mermaid offers a three-dimensional under-the-sea feel, with subtle varieties of an Ariel-esque blue-green hue. Ariel is the ultimate mermaid in our house, so this glitter color is an homage to her. 

Rainbow Unicorn captures everything little girls want! When rainbow glitter flecks are mixed with a gold base, it packs a magical punch. Rainbow Unicorn was inspired by my daughter and her love of everything rainbow and unicorn.

What’s Next?

I’m already working on next year’s Couture Line, which is inspired by my love of the outdoors. Let me tell you, the amazing colors found in nature have been leading to some really fun color names!