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Dreamy Dancers: Our Vision

It’s amazing to see how far Dreamy Dancers has come in such a short time — although this concept has been in my brain for a while. My vision for my company is to support dancers with a shoe that is supportive, beautiful, sparkly, and graceful — just like them!

When I started my quest for the ultimate glitter dance shoe for little girls, I wasn’t sure what would come of it, to be honest. What I did know was that I felt a burst of inspiration and creativity every time I thought about creating Dreamy Dancers. This project is something that I felt compelled to do as my own creative outlet.

I’m so pleased that it has turned into something so much more than a personal creative drive! Every dance studio who has purchased Dreamy Dancers for their competition team or recitals has remarked about how great they look on stage. This fills me with so much pride — my lightbulb moment is turning into a sustainable business!

Dreamy Dancers fulfills an important style niche for young dancers. Supporting our girls’ style choices is really important; Dreamy Dancers gives our dancers the power to choose an article of clothing that makes them feel both strong and pretty. Our little performers have big personalities, and Dreamy Dancers is committed to supporting dancers on stage and in the studio with the “big personality” of our customized chunky glitter.

Looks aside, I didn’t want to just create a cute dance shoe. I needed to make sure that Dreamy Dancers held up to the performance side. Our girls are still girls — and still growing. We need to make sure their feet are supported properly during the intensity of dancing for hours each week. I was so happy to partner with Freed of London, the exceptionally renowned dance shoe maker in the United Kingdom. Parents and dance teachers can rest assured that the Dreamy Dancers will make their performance stand out, while giving dancers the flexibility and support that is essential to any dance shoe for growing feet.

All in all, as we close out 2019, I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring. Dreamy Dancers is literally my dream come true. I hope to continue sharing new styles and colors with you in the years to come!