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Dance Performances from a Little Dancer’s POV

Now that I’m a seasoned dance mom, I love giving newbies some advice. As you saw in last week’s post, being a dance mom is so rewarding — even when we’re shaking in our (super cute) boots. I encourage everyone to get that dance mom mentor to help you through the rough times.

My daughter, Alessandra, has accomplished so much in the last few years of dance. She started as an adorable preschooler and has quickly morphed into an equally adorable big girl who has some serious talent. I’m constantly amazed at where this dance journey has brought us. I figured dance would be a great outlet for exercise, socializing with other little girls, and honestly a pretty basic activity for so many kids. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be centering our social calendar around out-of-town dance competitions and weeknight rehearsals — but, here we are. Even more outrageous (if you told me a few years ago) is the fact that I’ve now built a literal business around dance. I’m so proud of where Dreamy Dancers is today and the fact that our family-owned dance shoe and outfit company is taking off (did I tell you we’re on Amazon?!)

Anyway, one thing I realized is that in my quest to be the perfect dance mom, I never really sat down to ask Alessandra what she thought about all of the hustle and bustle of performances. I know she loves it — she would definitely let me know if she didn’t! — but I was so curious about her point of view. Here’s what Alessandra has to say about dancing and her favorite memories so far.

What is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened at a Dance Competition?
My mommy and me wen to a big fancy hotel in San Francisco for my dance competition. We went swimming at the pool with my friends and it was SO fun!

What Do You Do if You’re Feeling Nervous Before a Show?
I do get nervous. Sometimes, I ask my teacher to bring my mom backstage or I bring a stuffed animal with me. My favorite stuffed animal to bring is Rainbow Sparkle. She’s a rainbow bunny!

What is Your Favorite Thing About Dreamy Dancers Shoes?
They are so sparkly and fancy. My mom gave all of my dance friends Dreamy Dancers shoes and they were so excited!

What is Your Favorite Part About Traveling to a Competition?
I don’t like driving in the car if my iPad battery is dead, but I do like to drive if I have my shows/games on the iPad. I also like Starbucks bagels with cream cheese when we drive to places that are far away.

When Are You the Happiest at Dance?
I’m happy when we get to freestyle dance to my favorite song, “Broken.”

There you have it! As we spend our time organizing dance bags and applying waterproof makeup and hair gel, our little dancers are making memories with their friends, getting to watch their favorite shows, and enjoying many snacks that they may not get at home. What is your little dancer most happy about when she’s dancing?