A Peek at Our Exquisite Details

You’ve learned a great deal about our Dreamy Dancers shoes and the extraordinary partnership we have with the iconic Freed of London dance shoemaker. 


Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the beautiful details that make Dreamy Dancers stand out from the rest!


High-Quality Dance Shoes Make a Difference

Dance shoes are essential to top performance. They give feet the flexibility to point, flex, and move the dancer gracefully across the stage. Ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe shoes must fit like a glove to maximize dancer performance — yes, this is also important for our little dancers!


Young dancers who train with well-fitted dance shoes will grow up with an understanding of how the shoe becomes an extension of themselves, thereby enhancing their performance. As dance moms, we’ve all been there — frustrated tears from our dancers when a shoe pinches, comes untied, or just plain old doesn’t feel right.


I was determined to make a dance shoe that conforms to my high standards; even though our dancers are just starting their dance journey, they deserve the best quality shoe to practice and perform in.


Exquisite Details

Dreamy Dancers are of the highest quality, which is of absolute importance to me! Just like how I handpicked the chunky glitter that is the heart of our dance shoes, I was ecstatic to find out that Freed of London hand-cuts Dreamy Dancers with specially-tooled leather knives out of paper patterns. The leather base has a felt lining that is sewn into the exterior glitter leather, then the shoes are pieced together by hand with glues and specialty shoe fasteners. This includes adding the heels to the jazz, tap, and dancer off-duty shoes, and the full leather sole of the ballet shoe. 


Then come the custom touches that our customers have come to know and appreciate. Heat-sealed ribbon ensures that there is no fraying, and the sewn-in ballet shoe elastics create a soft hug around the foot. These are the final steps in the creation of Dreamy Dancers before they are carefully packaged and shipped to the Freed of London headquarters in New York.


Once the package is received in New York, they are sent on to us, right here in San Luis Obispo. We hand-package the shoes into our exclusive dance shoe bags and ship them out to adorn the fancy feet of our dancers around the globe!




What’s your favorite Dreamy Dancers detail?